Here’s What You Can Expect When You Choose

Clifford & Bradford As Your Agency Of Choice

It’s hard to judge an insurance agency just by looking... they all appear to be about the same from the outside. But, if you look a little closer, you’ll find that most companies are not created equal.

Three Critical Characteristics

Set Us Apart...Compare For Yourself And See The Difference

Our Mission

For most companies, a mission statement is nothing more than fluffy words hanging on the wall. But for us, it's something we live, eat and breath everyday:

Our Mission Is To Protect Your Business In The Most Efficient And Cost-Effective Way Possible.

Our Pledge Of Integrity

All insurance agents are obligated to make the best possible product recommendations for clients. But sometimes their desire to earn a commission presents a tempting conflict of interest. That's where OUR standards come in.

To help preserve the very best interest of our clients, Clifford & Bradford agents:

  1. DO NOT KNOW which companies offer what type of bonuses (so you get the product you need)!
  2. Understand that fraud ON ANY LEVEL is a fireable offense (Period).
  3. MUST be in good standing with the State Insurance Commissioner (check for yourself here).
  4. Are REQUIRED to complete 24 hours of education every two years (3 hours must be on Ethics).
  5. Are NEVER to write any policy with a 'Sunset Clause', even though it's perfectly legal. (Not sure what a 'Sunset Clause' is or if your current policy has one? Better call one of our experts right away!)

Our Service Mantra

We're not happy until you are! You need to spend your time running your business — not trying to figure out how insurance works… that’s our job.

Our unique "all under one roof" claims and quoting process delivers a more efficient, pleasant experience. In other words, when everything is handled by one firm, all the delays, communication gaps, finger pointing and unpleasant surprises JUST GO AWAY.

Not every agency is willing and able to go to extreme lengths to ensure your needs are met every single time.

Here Are A Few More Reasons

Why You'll Love Working With Us: