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“To Be The Best, We Have To Pursue Claims As Aggressively As We Did The Policy.”

Photo of Wes Bradford, President and CEO

Wes Bradford, President / CEO

If there's one thing I'm obsessed about, it's being the best. We do whatever it takes to win; second place isn't good enough for us. What sets us apart is this: At Clifford & Bradford, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people — not just dollar signs — and as such, we operate by the Golden Rule.

I've also learned that no matter how good you might be, it takes a team to win big. That's why I've carefully built a dream team of like-minded, "do or die" insurance industry pros to pull it off. Right here you can meet my elite team and find just the right expert to help guide your business to a new level of prosperity.

Wes’s Way For Success!
Six Principles That Have Guided My Actions

There's tremendous power in being first. People hardly remember second. Be known as the innovator in your industry.


Quickly adjust to new people, conditions and situations. Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be.


Being humble certainly doesn't mean you are weak or lack confidence. It actually means you are self-assured and believe what you bring to the table is invaluable.



It doesn't matter how good you might be, you still need others to help you truly win big. (When in doubt, see Rule #3)


When you have the best product or service, you can boldly go into your market ready to take over the world. It's that simple.


A wise man once said, "Good givers are great getters." You can't just take; real winners ultimately discover that sowing and reaping is the true secret to success.

All Licensed Agents Can Sell You Insurance,
But... All Licensed Agents Are Certainly NOT Experts.

FACT: Our team of experts know as much about insurance as any other firm in the industry.
(Even our receptionist is a licensed agent!)

RESULT: You get the best possible coverage from a committed team. At Clifford & Bradford we’ve truly ‘got your back’!

Viewing from the street, the front of the business. A historical brick building in downtown Bakersfield.

The Clifford & Bradford team is made up of highly trained insurance experts. Collectively, we can write ANY kind of insurance due to the vast amount of experience with the various industry types, our diversified knowledge base and expertise in specific areas.

For example, there are many different types of Liability Coverage; each is very unique and very specialized. Therefore, it takes an expert eye to know exactly what your business needs for maximum coverage.

Let’s face it: Good insurance advice can be hard to find for many businesses. Many websites contradict each other, and you never know where to look for solid information in the first place.

It's natural to ask friends, family members, or trusted professionals for advice. However, unless they're highly trained in ever-changing topics such as Worker's Compensation or Health Laws, you could be in for a rude, costly surprise when it comes time to make a claim on your policy.

Enter Clifford & Bradford Insurance. We are experts in one thing, and one thing only: Insurance. That's why our agents can help your company MAKE BETTER, MORE INFORMED Insurance decisions.

Meet Our
Executive Team

Wes Bradford

Wes Bradford
President / Chief Executive Officer

Julie_web 2020

Julie Sanders
Executive VP Operations

Randi Bailey

Randi Bailey-Bonilla
VP, Claims


Teri Gonzalez
VP, Safety & Compliance

Jo Griffith

Jo Griffith
VP, Property & Casualty

Lorinda Hoffmann

Lorinda Hoffmann
VP, Technology

Lori McQuilliams

Lori McQuilliams
VP, Captive  Insurance

Ricki Peace

Ricki Peace
VP, Benefits & Marketing


Jennifer Machado
Accounting Manager

Meet Our
Commercial Insurance Experts

Sean Barker

Sean Barker
Producer - CA License#: 0G67526

Industry-related experience: 13 years
Areas of expertise: Captive Insurance
Hobbies or interests: Gardening, classic cars, movies, cooking, philanthropy and fly fishing.

Nick Bradford

Nick Bradford
Producer - CA License#: 0D32404

Industry-related experience: 21 years
Areas of expertise: Captive Insurance, Workers' Compensation
Hobbies or interests: Spending time with my family, watching and attending sporting events, and travel.


David Brust
Producer - CA License #: 4113368

Areas of expertise: Commercial lines and Workers' Compensation
Hobbies or interests: Humor, RVing, pickleball, golf, gardening, asking thought provoking questions, volunteering, and being a grandfather to two perfect grandchildren.

Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper
Producer - CA License#: 0745778

Industry-related experience: 29 years
Areas of expertise: Construction, Commercial & Captive Specialist
Hobbies or interests: Reading, history, photography, cycling/mountain biking, walking, yoga, RV'ing, sports cars, auto cross and spending time with my two grandchildren.

Elliott Dunlap

Elliott Dunlap, WCIP
Producer - CA License#: 0M70441

Industry-related experience: 2 years
Areas of expertise: Business Owner Packages, Restaurants, Logistics
Hobbies or interests: Reading, motorcycles, cycling, and music.

Justin Garant, CCIP

Justin Garant, CCIP WCIP
Producer - CA License#: 0C73997

Industry-related experience: 26 years
Areas of expertise: Oil & Gas/Energy, Construction, Captive Specialist
Hobbies or interests: Reading, youth sports, prior CASA advocate and former President of the Kern County Soccer Foundation.

Meet Our
Employee Benefits Experts


Crystal Bond
Producer - CA License#: 4317433

Industry-related experience: 1 year
Areas of expertise: Life and Health

Lillian_web 2020

Lillian Brust
Producer - CA License#: 0A55030

Industry-related experience: 30 years
Areas of expertise: Life and Health, Property & Casualty
Hobbies or interests: Organizing and supporting community events which benefit non-profit organizations.

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper
Producer - CA License#: 0G03526

Industry-related experience: 30 years business owner, began insurance in 2008.
Areas of expertise: Employee Benefits, Health, Dental, Vision, Short & Long-Term Disability, Long-Term Care and Life Insurance
Hobbies or interests: Field archery and motorcycle touring.

The Internet Isn't Always The Best Place To Look For Insurance Information.
And Your Brother-In-Law Is Not An Insurance Expert.
That's Why It's Critical You Come To Us FIRST For Advice.